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Welcome to the official website of the Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen (SPSN) program.

SPSN is funded by the Australian Government and delivered in partnership with the Government of Papua New Guinea.

The partnership was launched in February 2011 and will contribute to PNG’s Vision 2050 and the National Medium Term Development Plan.

The goal of Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen is to enable civil society, together with the government and others, to better meet the needs and priorities of all citizens: men, women and children; regardless of race, religion, disability, age, sexuality or educational background.

To work towards this goal, Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen is supporting groups of citizens and their initiatives in the following high priority areas:

HEALTH (particularly maternal and child health, and HIV and AIDS)

EDUCATION (particularly basic education and non-formal adult education)

(including violence against women and women’s economic empowerment) and

(increasing participation and improving services for people with disabilities).

Supported projects will apply and promote a democratic governance approach to community development.


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In the current edition:

Australia Reaffirms Its Commitment To Disability in PNG

Raising Awareness Against Gender Inequality

Strengthening Governance in PNG

Restoring Peace in Siwai

City Mission Equipping Morobe Youth to Uplift Their Communities

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A selection of Images from some of the more than 300 SPSN Projects,
Partnerships and Initiatives implemented across PNG.

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